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We are your one-stop shop for all of your business and wealth building needs. We take the time to understand you and your goals, then design a plan to help you cut your taxes and achieve massive wealth building.

We are the perfect fit for business owners, top executives, physicians, and high-net-worth individuals who want to protect and grow assets through best-in-class solutions. The Goal: Help you live the life you have fought so hard to build.

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This download provides tax-saving solutions (well beyond what your CPA can do for you) that are critical for business owners, top executives, physicians, and high-net-worth individuals. These unique solutions will help you grow and protect your financial assets and put more money back into your pocket, so you can work less and live the life you deserve!
Your Taxes
It’s not rocket science. It’s simple math.
We’re committed to working with you personally to proactively develop a plan to minimize your tax burden and put more money in your pocket.
Proactive Tax Savings Plan
Purpose-Driven Bookkeeping & Accounting
Tax Fullfilment System
Advanced Tax Fullfilment System
Your Business

Running  a  business  can  be  daunting.

Our business solutions are designed to work in direct coordination with our tax and wealth management offerings, to make it easy.                   

Business Planning
Project Delivery & Fullfilment
Exit Strategy and Planning
Other Unique and Powerful Strategies
Your Wealth
Enhance your personal wealth.
Wealth planning the way the wealthiest in the world do it. We’ll help you safely and securely plan your wealth accumulation with unique strategies.
Safe Money-Secure Income™
Estate Planning
Risk Management
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What People Have to Say:

“Miller’s advice is crisp, professional…..
he offers sound financial and estate solutions.”

“Mark, I commend you on your efforts to help Americans achieve their financial dreams. The hallmark of a great American is sacrificing for those in need.”

George W. Bush.

Former US President

“Miller provides practical and creative ways to plan for the future.”

Some consider Miller their money guru.

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?
Using proven, safe and effective tax strategies, our average client saves 50% per year in taxes.


At Exclusive Business Solutions, our top priority is YOUR bottom line. We offer expert consulting for business owners, top executives, physicians, and high-net-worth individuals, helping them protect their financial assets and live the life they deserve. We help take your company to the next level by pulling together the most comprehensive collection of best-in-class strategies and solutions for tax savings, business growth, and wealth accumulation.

Mark Miller, RBFC

CEO & Founder & Best-Selling Author, Tax & Business Consulting Expert

Kelly Miller

Staff Accountant and Admin Assistant

Ciara Rimoldi

Office Manager

J.Bradley Hilton

Marshall Sylver

Brian Cervanka

Shane Hackett

John Pollock

Financial Gravity CEO

Dave Crowley

Financial Gravity President

Edward Lyon, JD, CTM

TaxMaster Chief Tax Strategist


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