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About Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc.

Exclusive Business Solutions,Inc.

At Exclusive Business Solutions, our top priority is YOUR bottom line. We offer expert consulting for business owners, top executives, physicians, and high-net-worth individuals, helping them cut their taxes in half and protect their financial assets so they can live the life they deserve. We help them take their company to the next level by pulling together the most comprehensive collection of best-in-class strategies and solutions for tax savings, business growth, and wealth accumulation.

Just a few ways you can use our expertise:

  • Save thousands on both your personal and business taxes.
  • Understand and calculate “True” business values in five distinct ways.
  • Get unique strategies to preserve, protect and grow your assets.
  • Grow and protect the value of your business with strategic and tactical solutions.
  • Create Private Pension Plans for Owner/Executive long-term longevity.
  • Properly update estate plans with your business in mind.
  • Tie owner and key-employee compensation solutions to business growth.
  • Leave a lasting legacy with succession strategies that preserve your business and assets.
  • Relieve business debt burdens with Debt Cancellation strategies.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • 401k planning, investment, and administration.
  • Determine a likely business buyer as a part of your exit strategy.
  • Wise, safe-money, and alternative investment choices.

Mark Miller, RBFC


Mark Miller has spent the better part of his life helping business owners and individual investors grow and protect their wealth. Mark is President and CEO of Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc. In good times and bad, his Atlanta-based company counsels business and individual clients on secure ways to save thousands per year on taxes and preserve and grow their business and investment assets.  His average client puts tens of thousands back into their pockets annually.

Mark has been in the business financial consulting industry for more than a quarter-century and has worked with hundreds of business owners, Physicians, and high net-worth folks helping them increase their bottom line and ultimately their financial security. He gives simple and practical advice to cut long-term taxes, create iron-clad retirement plans, structure guaranteed income streams, grow their business three fold, and enhance personal wealth. Mark also offers uniquely-designed alternatives, providing high yields with quality surety. 

Mark has attained Ethics Approved Status as a Registered Business Financial Consultant with the IARFC and is a member of the National Association of Tax Preparers. He is also a best-selling author, having written three books covering  personal finance and best-in-class business building practices. He has been a regular contributor on USA Sky Radio Network and has been featured in over 200 newspapers and magazines such as The Kansas City Star, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Money Magazine, Women’s Day, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Daily News. Mark has also appeared as a business and financial expert on numerous radio and television shows nationwide, including Fox News.

Mr. Miller has been invited to Washington, DC, as a guest of several US Senators and Congress persons. In 2006, he was one of only 50 Americans to receive the coveted Businessman of the Year award from the Presidential Business Commission. That same year, he also received a personal commendation from President George W. Bush for his efforts to help Americans build their businesses and wealth.

Kelly Miller


Kelly handles most of the accounting functions in the office. She takes care of payroll, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, etc. She also does budgeting and financial reporting and is involved in business direction and planning.

Kelly assists with larger projects as they come up, from client  advanced tax-planning strategies  to business-planning sessions. She handles lots of back-office functions and is an invaluable resource to the company, making sure many operational aspects run smoothly.

John Pollock

Financial Gravity CEO

John Pollock is the CEO of Financial Gravity Holdings Inc. and President of Pollock Advisory Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

He has been featured in Forbes Magazine. He is a frequent contributor on television and Radio. John wrote the books The Nest Egg Cookbook – Your Recipe for a Comfortable Retirement. He contributed to the books Secrets of a Tax Free Life, and Tax Breaks of the Rich & Famous. John is also a featured speaker at conferences around the country.

Dave Crowley

Financial Gravity President

Dave has worked with Financial Gravity since Jan 2013, contributing to the creation of the Financial Gravity plan. Dave has applied his successes as an engineer towards assisting in developing the concepts and systems that are now being deployed with Financial Gravity.

With his expertise in process engineering and sales management in the insurance industry, Dave brings a depth of experience and working knowledge that underpins the sales and operating structure of Financial Gravity. Dave’s prior successes are in business coaching, personal development, insurance, and agency management arena.

Edward Lyon, JD, CTM

Tax Network Chief Tax Strategist

Ed is an authority on tax planning – an author, consultant, speaker, and co-founder of TaxCoach™ Software, LLC, as well as the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. Ed leads the effort in ensuring that the latest tax practices and strategies are researched and provided to all members. He’s a member of many elite tax groups, as well as small business owner mentoring networks. Ed has written seven books on tax and financial planning, and is a sought-after speaker to accountants and financial professionals. He has appeared on 300 radio and television broadcasts, including interviews on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Tax Rates

Tax Rates

Do you need to know your tax bracket? Check out the current tax rates and how they impact you.

Taxpayer Rights

Taxpayer Rights

Do you know your rights as a taxpayer? Read more to understand your rights as a taxpayer!

Tax Glossary

Tax Glossary

The most common financial and tax glossary to help better your understanding of taxes and finances.

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