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Our services are designed to maximize every financial aspect of your business, so you can grow profits.

Exclusive Business Solutions’ distinctive business strategies provide business owners with access to the expertise, tools, and the talent necessary to run their companies more effectively. Our business solutions are designed to work in direct coordination with our tax and wealth offerings. That way you can maximize overall savings and long-term wealth creation.

At EBS, we can answer or fix just about any business question or problem you could possibly have. If we don’t have an answer right away,  we will get back to you within 24 hours with a well-thought-out solution.  To access our unique solutions, you’ll pay EBS a small monthly retainer to gain 24/7 access to all of our strategies from our best-in-class network. 

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

We use cutting edge, best-in-class solutions to help our clients grow their business profits two and three fold.

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

We use cutting edge, best-in-class solutions to help our clients grow their business profits two and three fold.


Business Planning

Deep business planning provides a “jump start” for clients struggling to obtain traction supporting the owner’s vision. It provides the basic foundations to operate a healthy, happy team — the beginning of realizing a company’s true potential. Working closely with the client, EBS’s experienced consultants will produce a customized plan tailored to your specific business needs.


  • Clarify client’s vision, allowing the client to cast the vision with stakeholders and customers.
  • Begin to experience success in executing on that vision.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the client’s profitability and/or cash flow.
  • Clear accountabilities for each leadership team member.
  • Clear processes for every facet of your organization.
  • Evaluate key leadership to ensure they are the right people in the right jobs.
  • Seasoned business advice and counsel.

Project Delivery Services

Getting work done on time, on budget, in scope, and with the desired outcome isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright hard. To help you out, we maintain a bench of vetted, experienced talent that can be dedicated to your organization so you can get the critical work done right.


  • Expert assessment of your project resourcing needs based on scope and budget.
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities for the project resource(s).
  • Resource selection from candidates who have passed management standards.
  • Onboarding of team members.
  • Regular assessments and reviews with your client manager to ensure that expectations are being met if not exceeded.

This offering is billed based on an agreed hourly rate that is consistent with the skills and experience of the resource and project scope.

Exit Strategy and Planning

Selling a business is both exciting and stressful. If the transaction isn’t structured appropriately, it can also be one of the biggest tax events of your lifetime. With exit planning assistance from EBS, we can help advise and instruct you on how to avoid costly mistakes so that you can keep more of what you earn.


  • A confidential, one-on-one assessment with a planning specialist to understand the details of the sale.
  • A customized set of practical recommended tax-reduction strategies that are designed to meet the needs of your exit.
  • Assistance with implementing the strategies so you can ensure you’re not unnecessarily “leaving money on the table.”

This offering is designed to work in direct coordination with your tax and wealth plans. We charge a reasonable consulting fee for this offering.

Many Other Unique Business-Building Strategies…

On top of the regular business strategies we use, we also provide more value:  

  • Understand and calculate “True” business values in five distinct ways.
  • Identify strategies and tactical solutions to preserve, promote, and protect the value of your business and assets.
  • Help create Private Pension Plans for Owner/Executive longevity.
  • Use long-term tax strategies to keep more business profits.
  • Tie owner and key-employee compensation solutions to business growth.
  • Plan your retirement and succession strategies to preserve the business and leave a lasting legacy.
  • Help you relieve business debt burdens with Debt Cancellation strategies.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • Key employee retirement plan design, investment, and administration.
  • General business planning advice available 24/7 on almost any business topic.

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