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We specialize in saving you thousands on your taxes, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

At EBS, we know lowering your taxes will automatically increases profitability and grows your wealth. Unlike other tax-related industry services, we’re committed to working with you personally to PROACTIVELY develop a formal plan to minimize your tax burden. Think your CPA has you covered? Our experience tells us there’s a 95% chance that’s false. Very few CPAs do PROACTIVE tax planning with the strategies Exclusive Business Solutions employs. 

No need to worry what we do will raise any “red flags.” All our tax-cutting strategies are written into the codes and/or have private letter rulings, backing them up 100%. Ironically, when we help you reduce your taxes, your audit risks will most likely go down, not up! Below are just a few of our tax services.

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

Using proven, safe and effective tax strategies, our average client saves 50% per year on their taxes.

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

Using proven, safe and effective tax strategies, our average client saves 50% per year on their taxes.

Proactive Tax-Savings Plan

After a simple 30 minute, no-obligation assessment, we’ll determine if we can substantially reduce your tax burden. If so, we will develop a tax savings plan utilizing our expert knowledge base. Your Proactive Tax Plan will provide a clear tax-reduction road map customized specifically for you, your family, and your business.

Sources of tax savings, along with implementation plans, are highlighted and summarized so you can be confident the savings are real and will work. We are open and transparent about everything. You can expect that the total reduction of your taxes will be substantially higher than the cost of the service itself. This is backed up by our 2X savings guarantee. That means you’ll never pay more than half of what we save you in just the first year tax savings. Often, your tax savings will be 3-5x what you pay us. The good news is, you’ll pay only one time in the first year, but you’ll get those savings year after year! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Purpose-Driven Bookkeeping & Accounting

We go well beyond just tax-preparation. We also help you implement all recommended tax strategies with our complete bookkeeping and payroll services. Our exclusive methodology ensures that you are achieving the tax-savings from your Proactive Tax Plan and that every expense is appropriately accounted for. We work closely with you to keep your books current and accurate. 

We proactively engage your business, continuously focused on your goals of cost saving, wealth building, increasing profit and retirement savings, and presenting other unique profit opportunities. This solution also includes powerful and actionable business reports that highlight performance insights on your operation and finances.

Not only do our solutions reduce the headache of having to manage your books and payroll, they also provide you with the confidence that everything is being managed appropriately to reduce your tax burden. This service is offered starting at $295 per month and may increase based on the size and complexity of your business.

Tax Fulfillment System

With the Tax Fulfillment System, you can choose the level that works best for you. Designed to fit any budget and circumstance, our exclusive suite of solutions enable easy implementation of the  Proactive Tax Plan to help put the tax savings right back into your pocket.

Regardless of which solution you select, you can count on access to our advisors, annual tax planning assistance, and educational materials.


You are provided with direct access to our expert tax advisors to review questions, scenarios, and changes to your business and personal life as it relates to your Tax Plan. We’ll provide you with the guidance, recommendations, and support to ensure your tax savings are maximized. This service starts at $125 per month and can be canceled at any time.

Additionally, the advisory solution includes optional setup of IRS support documentation and business structure filings to enable you to implement your Proactive Tax Plan with confidence. This may require a one-time $995 fee.

Advisory & Tax Preparation
In addition to the advisory solution, we offer our clients timely tax preparation services, IRS representation, and IRS audit protection. We also manage the setup of all IRS support documentation and business structure filings. Based on the complexity of your business, this service is offered at $300-$575 per month and the $995 setup fee is waived.

Advanced Tax Fulfillment System

Our Advanced Tax Fulfillment System includes all of the benefits and services of our Tax Fulfillment System but is designed to help higher-earning business owners as well as W2 employees consistently earning over $250,000 per year. This offering creates an amazing, holistic strategy to ensure maximum tax savings and benefits for the client’s family and dependents as well.


  • The Tax Fulfillment System benefits
  • The Miller Virtual Family Office HUB 
  • Private Family Indemnification Trusts
  • Employee Stock Ownership Trusts


  • Family Legacy Trusts
  • Setting up a Family Bank
  • A Zero-Tax Strategy
  • …and MUCH more!


Our goal is not to “fee” you to death.

We want to make sure you get a much higher level of service than your accountant or CPA could ever provide at about the same cost (or even less) than you’re currently paying. The difference is that we do it all with the added benefit of extensive, proactive planning that most accountants and CPAs don’t offer.


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