Wealth planning the way the wealthiest people in the world do it.

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One-on-one wealth planning can effortlessly improve your financial standing and net worth.

Exclusive Business Solutions is committed to helping you save on your taxes and grow your business. We’re also committed to helping you pursue and attain your long-term financial goals and protect your wealth, in both good times and bad.

“Wealth planning the way the wealthiest people
in the world do it.”

How are we different at wealth planning? Unlike traditional brokerages that make money from each transaction or companies that typically sell a limited set of financial products, we offer a broad range of offerings specific to YOUR needs. We are specialists in institutionally based planning and estate conservation utilizing the Trust side of the industry.  We bring the best minds on Wall Street to Main Street. The bonus is that we use synergy to incorporate both your tax and business planning strategies to turbo-charge your wealth accumulation.

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

We provide clients access to unique strategies the wealthiest in the world use to accumulate and protect their wealth for generations. 

Why Choose Exclusive Business Solutions?

We provide clients access to unique strategies the wealthiest in the world use to accumulate and protect their wealth for generations. 


Safe Money-Secure Income™


Using Safe Money-Secure Income™ — our most advanced financial planning system — we first set out to review your specific needs, goals, and preferences. We will then design customized recommendations based on your unique needs. Additionally, this plan will include proven tax-reduction strategies that are designed to maximize your returns.

Unlike many other professionals in the financial industry, we do not “fee” our clients to death… We primarily receive our fees from the underlying issuers providing offerings to our clients. In other words, 100% of your assets go to work for you on day one and you will not pay ongoing fees that cut into profits.

Plain and simple: with Exclusive Business Solutions, we offer solid wealth plans that you can count on.


  • SMSI Portfolios wealth planning.
  • Annual and quarterly meetings to review progress.
  • On-demand advice (phone/email).
  • Free notary service.
  • Activation and setup of all online platforms and portals for access anytime.
  • Charitable tax strategies.
  • Special needs planning.
  • Management of all paperwork and signatures to execute plans.
  • Periodic education sessions including webinars, live events, newsletters, and other publications.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard over an entire lifetime to generate meaningful wealth. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every possible action has been taken to decrease taxes and increase what gets passed on to future generations.

Our estate planning solution is designed to work in coordination with our other tax and wealth solutions to maximize the overall impact to your bottom line.


  • One-on one consultation with a wealth strategist.
  • A confidential conversation regarding your needs and priorities.
  • A complete, easy-to-understand review of various options related to tax minimization strategies, trusts, wills, charities, beneficiaries, business continuity, gifts, insurance, and other concerns.
  • Structuring and implementing a holistic estate plan with your business in mind.
  • Introduction to trusted partners for legal assistance.
  • Direct and active integration with your broader wealth and tax management strategies.

While this solution is primarily designed to assist our active tax, wealth, and business solution clients, we are also glad to offer this service with minimal fees to other clients.

Risk Management

Minimizing risk is a critical part of any well-crafted plan. Because we are an independent firm, we can objectively help you manage the complexities in the risk-mitigation space to ensure you get the maximum amount of benefits at the best price.


  • A personalized risk assessment that takes into account your lifestyle, personal needs, and broader wealth strategy.
  • A custom analysis of the best products in the marketplace that meets your personal criteria.
  • Our experienced staff will provide assistance reviewing and negotiating plans from different providers to ensure you get the most benefits at the lowest cost.
  • Management of all the appropriate paperwork.
  • Ongoing reviews to continuously ensure that you are getting the best value.
  • Personal assistance should your needs change.


The Miller VFO Hub

Enjoy a Virtual Family Office experience without having to have tens of millions in assets.

The benefits:

Save time and money by getting the very best answers to complex problems via one touch access to a world class network of Best-in-Class resources. Specialists who have experience gained from years supporting Multi-Billion Dollar Family Offices.

Have all of your favorite advisors working as a TEAM on one platform to maximize efficiencies and come up with the very best answers to dynamic challenges.

Access to powerful tax and cost saving solutions using over 150 dynamic strategies in various combinations.

Eliminate stress and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your challenges are being solved efficiently by the very best, most forward-thinking professionals in the country.

  • Financial Risk Reduction
  • Alternative Investments via Exclusive Private Family
  • Office Network
  • Advanced Income Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Advanced Cost Reduction Methods
  • Advanced Wealth Transfer Planning Concepts
  • Liquidity Event Planning
  • Cyber Security Litigation
  • Elite Concierge Service including access to a Family Private Plane Network
  • …..and much more.

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